The Artist

The Artist

Kristin Divers, PSA

Kristin Divers was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. Her formal education was in studio art and art therapy. Over the years she took (or taught) an occasional art class, mostly in drawing technique. In 2000, she took her first pastel class. She was hooked, and started to focus studio time on pastel work. She has sporadically taken workshops around the eastern US from contemporary pastel artists she admires, to focus on growing in her mastery of this wonderful medium. 

Divers' body of work explores people and their environments, reflecting moments in time from the lives and activities of everyday individuals, and the places where they live, work, and play. She lives in Pittsburgh, but spends significant time in New York. She also frequently travels the Northeastern, Midwestern, and Southern United States, and occasionally abroad. So, this gives her opportunity to be inspired by the people and places of many regions. She observes and photographs, then sketches and produces pastel paintings based on her observations. She also enjoys drawing from life to keep those skills sharp. 

Currently, she is developing a body of work that shows the interiors of steel mills around the country. 

As with any artist, Divers’ personal interests impact her artist vision and goals. Kristin and her husband Lou enjoy spending as much time as they can with each other, and with their growing family. They have three adult children, all accomplished artists in their own fields, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and six grandchildren. They continue to champion organizations that promote the arts, and/or work with young people, especially faith-based. They love to bring people together over good food, drink, and conversation; seeing community building as life-long vocation.