Artistic Statement

Artistic Statement

“My art is an exploration of people and the places they live, serve, work, or play; where they gather to build relationships, or retreat to for respite. I seek to connect viewers to similar environments and communities within their own life experiences, and to the emotions that correspond with these people and places. I also seek to show viewers a slice of other people's life experiences, in order to enrich their imagination or abilities to emphathize. 

I see the world as a painful place, and life as full of frustration, futility, and fear. This is our human condition. But, the world is not without hope, not without joy, pleasure, or meaning. The people and environments of our lives can help to heal, encourage, and inspire us in our daily walk. This is the essence of my art.

I work in pastel. Pastel is very tactile. I love the tactile sense of working directly with the colors, without even a brush in between. Working with a pastel stick gives you the feel of drawing, but with the added excitement of expressive colors, complex layers, and textures that can only come with painting.

I’m inspired by the painting techniques of the Impressionists, especially Degas, who did much of his work in pastel. I’m also inspired by Impressionists’ then bold approach to subject matter, specifically the portrayal of scenes from contemporary life. Contemporary Realism excites me with it's fresh elements of composition while accurately depicting subject matter.

Aesthetically speaking, I am drawn to notice and render the effects of light on elements within a given scene. Ultimately, I am energized by trying to portray an interesting perspective for the viewer.”

—Kristin Divers